APC InfraStruXure Capacity

APC InfraStruXure Capacity - License - 200 racks

APC InfraStruXure Manager

APC InfraStruXure Manager - License - 100 nodes - for P/N: SUA2200RMXLI3U, SUA5000RMI5U, SUA750IX38, SURT3000XLI/S, SURTA3000XL-TU

APC InfraStruXure Energy Cost - License

MSRP: $5,250.00
Price $4,431.50
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  • Calculations based on PUE
  • Measured or nameplate data
  • Energy charge back
  • Energy usage report
  • Adapt to local costs
  • APC InfraStruXure Energy Cost - License

    The Data Center Operation: Energy Cost module provides an Energy Usage Report, which shows energy consumed within the data center by the kWh and cost per kWh, detailed to the rack level. The energy usage is based on metered data, gathered over a specif

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