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Adobe Fireworks CS6 MAC DVD/BOX ONLY

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Adobe Flash Pro CS5.5 Student and Teacher Edition Windows

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Produce immersive experiences that present consistently to audiences across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and televisions with the industry-leading authoring environment for creating expressive interactive content.

What is Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5?

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 software is the industry-leading authoring environment for expressive interactive content. Simplify the creation of immersive experiences that present consistently across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and televisions--with support for newer platforms like Android, Apple iOS, and Adobe AIR.

Key Features

Produce free-form and immersive experiences that present consistently to audiences practically everywhere across desktops, smartphones, tablets, and televisions with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, the industry-leading authoring environment for creating expressive interactive content. Target multiple platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, and Adobe AIR. Use a powerful and intuitive toolset to design with professional typography and pixel-precise artwork, write code efficiently, and deliver superior-quality video.

With Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5, you can:

Design with expression. Communicate your vision and create interactive content. Utilize numerous enhancements to the Text Layout Framework. Use pinning attributes for the Bone tool to create more realistic inverse kinematic effects. Add interactivity by visually injecting extensible ActionScript code snippets. Quickly and efficiently scale artwork to various sizes, and copy and paste layers and timeline attributes.

Write and test code quickly and easily. Quickly and efficiently write code, thanks to powerful authoring tools and integration with development software. Visually inject extensible code snippets, and use Adobe Flash Builder software as your full-featured ActionScript editor. Leverage seamless mobile device testing and integration with Adobe Device Central for enhanced testing and debugging of content for smartphones, tablets, and consumer electronic devices. Manage projects that target multiple devices, and share symbol libraries across multiple files.

Create once, deploy virtually anywhere. Use a streamlined Publish Settings dialog box, and efficiently target multiple runtimes, including Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR, and multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Top new features of Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5

Expanded platform and device support

Flash Professional CS5.5 makes it easier to reach audiences on the latest Flash Platform runtimes, including Flash Player 10.2 and Adobe AIR 2.6.

Deliver to desktop computers. Take advantage of the ubiquity of Adobe Flash Player within browsers, and extend beyond the browser with Adobe AIR. Your content displays with a consistent look and feel across operating systems and browsers.

Deliver to mobile devices. Deliver content that plays back on millions of devices worldwide, and reach audiences on smartphones that run Android 2.2 and above. Use Adobe AIR for iOS Support, included with Flash Professional CS5.5, to compile ActionScript bytecode into native iPhone application code, which can be distributed via the iTunes store.

Deliver to tablets. Produce immersive content optimized for tablet devices. Take advantage of touch input and gesture-based actions that enhance the user experience. Deliver to Internet-enabled televisions. Extend the reach of your content into consumers' Internet-connected living rooms, with immersive experiences and applications that run on Adobe AIR for the Digital Home.

Efficient workflows for multi-target content

Simplify the creation and management of multiple FLA files that are created for a single project, but that target multiple devices. Share code and assets across documents and device targets to efficiently create, test, package, and deploy content for a wide range of screens and devices. For example, symbols modified in one document update across other documents.

The New Project dialog box has been enhanced to include a Default Document section, which allows you to specify a document name, target player, and ActionScript version.

Content scaling when resizing stage

One of the most time-consuming aspects of designing content that is optimized for various screen sizes is scaling content to fit to every size. Designers spend much of their time adjusting a single design to work at multiple sizes.

With Flash Professional CS5.5, you can choose to scale the contents of your file when you change the size of the stage. Everything on the stage, including symbols and motion paths across all scenes, are scaled. There are also controls for limiting scaling to unlocked or visible layers.

Enhanced layer controls

Flash Professional CS5.5 gives you more control over the contents of your document with the ability to do even more with layers. Copy and paste layers--including ones with motion and inverse kinematics armatures--to a different timeline or even to a different FLA document. You can also cut and duplicate layers, and even copy and paste folders.

Symbol rasterization

Complex vector artwork can take a toll on the processors of mobile devices, degrading rendering performance. Flash Professional CS5.5 offers two new options that allow you to easily export content as bitmaps, which help enhance performance of your mobile content.

The Convert To Bitmap command allows you to convert selected artwork on the stage to a bitmap. Once converted, the artwork is no longer editable in Flash Professional, although you can edit it in Adobe Photoshop software.

The Export As Bitmap command is a display property that you can apply to movie clip symbols. With this setting enabled, chosen symbols are rendered as bitmaps on stage when the project is published, with the benefit that the symbol remains editable.

Enhanced code snippets handling

Flash Professional CS5.5 brings several key enhancements to the Code Snippets panel, offering quick and easy ways to add ActionScript 3.0 code to your projects:

  • Place your cursor over a movie clip placeholder in the code snippet, and a pick whip appears. Drag the pick whip to a movie clip on the stage to insert the instance name of your target movie clip into the code.
  • Use more than 20 new code snippets, including ones for creating mobile and AIR applications, for accelerometer, multitouch gestures, and save/load data.
  • Upon selecting a snippet from the Code Snippets panel, you can view a description or preview the underlying ActionScript code on a heads-up display (HUD) before you apply it.

In addition, the code snippets themselves are formatted to help novice and inexperienced programmers parse the code and apply it quickly. Typographic formatting and rollovers indicate areas of editability.

Streamlined publishing and document settings

Save time with a newly designed and more efficient Publish Settings dialog box, which you can now access directly from the Properties panel. Select multiple formats on the left and edit the corresponding settings on the right. New to the dialog box is the ability to publish a SWC file to a path of your choice without having to publish the SWF file. In addition, the dialog box now returns relative paths when selecting a publish destination so that files can be more easily shared across teams. You can also change the version of Flash Player, ActionScript version, and stage size directly from the Properties panel.

The Document Settings dialog box also features a new Auto Save feature, which automatically saves your file at specified intervals, on a per-document basis.

Pinning support for inverse kinematics

With this new release, Flash Professional continues to offer a powerful interactive design toolset that allows for creative exploration and implementation. You can now lock, or pin, bones to the stage, allowing you to place restrictions on the movements of selected bones. In addition, you can now create multiple spans or armatures on a single layer, and you can more easily define more complex movement of armatures, such as walk cycles.

Top Reasons to Buy Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5

Expanded platform and device support--Reach audiences on the latest Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtimes, and on Android and iOS devices.

Industry-leading animation tools--Create and edit motion tweens using the Timeline and Motion Editor, and use inverse kinematics to create natural motion for character animation.

Advanced drawing tools--Design artwork precisely and efficiently with smart shapes and powerful design tools.

Advanced text engine--Get global bidirectional language support and advanced print-quality typography APIs via the Text Layout Framework. Format text in columns and maintain layout with greater fidelity when importing content from other Adobe products.

Filter and blend effects--Add interesting visual effects to text, buttons, and movie clips to create expressive content.

Professional video tools--Easily incorporate video into your projects, and convert video clips efficiently with the included Adobe Media Encoder application.

Code snippets panel--Speed up project completion by using convenient prewritten code snippets for common actions, animation, multitouch gestures, and more. Also discover an easier way to learn the ActionScript 3.0 language.

XML-based FLA source files--Collaborate on projects more easily with a new XML-based implementation of the FLA file format. Uncompressed projects appear and act like folders, allowing you to quickly manage and modify assets such as images.

Adobe Creative Suite integration--Perform roundtrip edits of bitmap images with Adobe Photoshop CS5, import FLA files directly from Adobe InDesign CS5.5, and integrate closely with Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 software.

ActionScript editor--Speed up development with the built-in ActionScript editor that features custom-class code hinting and code completion. Quickly grasp the fundamentals of ActionScript, and efficiently reference your own or external code libraries.

Mobile content development and testing--Use Adobe Device Central to plan, preview, and test content for a wide array of mobile and consumer devices.

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